Step into Ink & Drink, a paint & sip with a tattoo a twist. Here, we dive headfirst into the world of tattoo artistry, guided by our skilled pros, while we share stories, laughter, and your favorite BYO drinks. We’re practicing on synthetic skin, so it’s all about the fun and creativity, no stress!

You’ll start on synthetic skin stencils, run through all the important safety precautions and procedures, and then learn about the tattoo machine, and how to safely and correctly opperate it.

During your 2 hour session you’ll learn:

  • Basic Linework
  • Colouring Techniques
  • Shading Techniques

By the end, you’ll have a piece of tattoo art you’ve created to take home, a new respect and understanding of the artform, and some great memories to boot!

How does it work?​

1. Choose an time slot, choose how many people you’re bringing & add add your booking to your cart.

2. Once you’ve paid for your booking, you’ll recieve an e-mail confirmation​ with all the information​ on your booking and instrcutions.

3. Show-up on time, bring along your BYO drinks or food and enjoy the experience!