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Ink & Drink's Press Event


We’re a world first, a paint & sip with a tattoo twist. 

We’re also Australia’s next big night out, launching to incredible success, and set to take the country by storm. 

Enjoy a press day at Ink & Drink, limited to only the first 30 publishers, as you’ll discover the art of tattooing first hand, while you enjoy some drinks, and unleash your creativity.


Learn The Basics

At Ink & Drink, you’re in good hands. Our sessions are led by a seasoned tattooist boasting over a decade in the industry. Under this expert guidance, you’ll gain first-hand insights into the captivating art of tattooing, making your experience educational, fun, and utterly unforgettable.

Unleash Your Creativity

Turn creativity into an unforgettable adventure. You’ll safely explore the art of tattooing on synthetic skin. It’s a fun and immersive experience where you can let your imagination run wild on your very own masterpiece, no matter your skill level. A true celebration of art and self-expression.

Make Some Memories

Ink & Drink isn’t just about art; it’s about connection. Enjoy your favourite drink while you create, whether you’re unwinding with friends, sharing an unique date night, or breaking the ice with work colleagues. It’s about making memories in an atmosphere, brimming with creativity and laughter.


August 6-8th 2023

Multiple Sessions


153 Regent Street, Redfern 2016

Do I Bring Anything?

Just you! (and book in a friend if you like) We’ll have some drinks on hand, but bring anything extra you fancy.

What Should I Expect

An excellent session, a world first experience and some like-minded people.

Incredible Early Social Feedback

Our recent collaborations with social influencer pages has created incredible content.

Our recent work with Whats On Sydney has over 500k organic views in 3 weeks, while other organic collaborations average over 100k views.

We’d love for you to be the first to cover Ink & Drink worldwide, and be able to share that experience to your audience dying to find out more! 

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