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Ink & Drink Gift Cards: Unleash the Inner Artist (No Ink-stained Regrets)

Let’s get real: everyone’s got a friend who talks big about getting a tattoo or being an artist in the making. Here’s your chance to call their bluff, or make their dreams come true.

An Ink & Drink Gift Card is the perfect nudge for that ‘almost-artist’ in your crew. They can play tattoo artist, minus the lifelong commitment of actual skin ink, all while sipping on something sweet. It’s creativity, with a safety net.

Gift Card Perks Worth Mentioning:

  • Trial Run: Ever fancied trying your hand at tattooing? Our gift cards are like a test drive in the tattoo chair, on synthetic skin, guided by a veteran, without the lifetime warranty.
  • Drink While You Draw: You brink the drinks, we bring the buzz – in the air and from the tattoo machines.
  • Learn a Little: Our veteran artists will guide you through the inks and outs. You’ll leave a smidge smarter and with a new respect for the artform.
  • New Night Out: Perfect for those who’ve done all the trivia nights and escape rooms in town. This is fresh, this is different, this is memorable.

Grab an Ink & Drink Gift Card for that friend who’s always up for something new, or even for yourself.